Beyond The Classroom: 10 Things Teachers, Parents And Kids Can Do To Prevent Bullying

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Teachers, parents and children need to team up to stop bullying in schools. Each group has a role to play, but everyone needs to support efforts to protect kids who are bullied, to make it clear that bullying is unacceptable and to get help for both the bullies and the victims.

Teachers: Keep An Eye On The Playground

Watch for kids pushing one another or taunting other kids with mean language. Pay attention to what children are saying about and to one another.

Teachers: Know Your School’s Policies

Schools vary widely both in terms of their anti-bullying policies and in the ways they implement these policies. Make sure you understand what you’re allowed to do to stop bullying so you can put policies into practice on a moment’s notice.

Teachers: Remember Bullies Always Have Enablers

It’s easy to focus on the one person who’s making the rude remarks or threats. However, no bully works alone. Don’t let the bystanders get away with enabling the bully. It’s important they’re taught to understand the need to defend someone who’s being bullied.

Teachers: Seek Professional Assistance

If bullying is endemic at your school, you may need professional guidance to help stem the problem. Whenever possible, bullies should be encouraged to get professional psychological counseling to help them break the cycle of bullying.

Parents: Team Up


Join together with other parents and with your school to create awareness of bullying and to condemn it. Act as advocates for school safety and anti-bullying programs, and help create a community stance that’s firmly against all sorts of bullying.

Parents: Talk With Your Kids

Pay attention to the hidden messages your kids may be sending. If they seem unusually withdrawn or show signs of anger, see if you can get them to talk about what’s going on at school. Ask about the social dynamics on the playground and in the locker room.

Kids: Protect Each Other


If you see someone bullying other children, step in and insist that behavior isn’t okay. If you feel unsafe, run for a teacher or other adult. Help the bullied kid or kids leave the situation, and stay with them until you’re in a safe place.

Kids: Think Before You Speak


Don’t participate in conversations that put other people down. Before you make a comment about someone else, take a deep breath and think about whether what you’re saying would hurt anyone’s feelings.

Kids: Walk Away From The Bully


If you’re being bullied, you don’t have to stand there and take it. Walk away from the bully, ignoring taunts and teasing as much as you can. Head straight for a teacher or another adult to report the bullying.

Kids: Watch Out For Cyberbullying

Bullying doesn’t only happen on the playground. If you see people ganging up on someone online, tell them to stop. Report any cyberbullying to your parents, and make sure you’re always kind and thoughtful online yourself. Working together, teachers, parents, and kids can stem the tide of bullying in schools and online. Remember that no one is alone and communication is the key.

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