Safe Ride To School For Afghan Girls Program

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Lynsey Addario / The New York Times

In 2008, men on motorcycles sprayed acid into the faces of teachers and students walking to the Mirwais Mena School for Girls in Afghanistan.

In response, created the Safe Ride to School for Afghan Girls program, which raised money to purchase a school bus for more than 100 girls.

But in 2014, the bus started breaking down. Without this program, many girls would be forced to drop out.

With support from your clicks, raised enough money ($43,000) to purchase two new buses! Dozens of girls’ lives have been changed — and possibly saved — as a result. Shamsia Hussaini is one of those girls.

Shamsia was a victim of the 2008 acid attack. She suffered severe burns to her face, but after a number of surgeries, Shamsia recovered. Today, she teaches at the very school her attackers tried to prevent her from attending.

Thanks to thoughtful and caring people like you, women like Shamsia have been given a second chance at the education they deserve. Stay tuned for more stories about how your clicks are helping. And keep clicking!

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