5 Year Old Batman is Saving Babies!? Whaaaaaaaaaaat!?

Posted by GreaterGoodness

A one-year-old girl named Iris Adamski was accidentally trapped in a car on a super hot day. Police officers responded to the scene and promptly went about smashing the window in order to save the girl. The problem? The hole they smashed in the Volkswagen Beetle was too small for any of them to climb through.

Enter: Batman!


SNSW / via Yahoo

Okay, so five-year-old Zavi Ahmed isn’t actually Batman. BUT, on this day at the supermarket, he was dressed like Batman. And Zavi was able to do something that nobody else could — he fit through the smashed window. Into the car he climbed and into the thankful arms of her grandmother Iris went! A job well done, young man!


Soon after, the families of Zavi and Iris sat down and discussed how special that day was for everyone. Check it out!

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