5 Ways The Beatles Changed Music Forever

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The Beatles left an unforgettable mark on the world of music, but many of us don’t realize just how much they influenced the way musicians make a living today.

Here are 5 surprising ways the Beatles changed the way pop music works forever.

They Invented the Music Video

The Beatles were the first group ever to produce short, stand-alone films featuring single songs. The idea came about as a way to ease their ridiculously tight schedule — rather than making hundreds of public appearances, they could share videos with audiences worldwide. The first was for “Paperback Writer” in 1966.

They Performed in a Stadium

When the Beatles’ manager initially booked them to play at New York’s Shea Stadium in 1965, many thought the idea was absurd. But tickets sold out within hours, and more than 55,000 screaming fans packed the stands. They only played for 30 minutes but the show grossed over $300,000, which stood as an industry record for many years.

They Created Their Own Label

Lots of artists have their own record labels these days, but the Beatles’ Apple Records started the trend. Many might have called it a bad decision at the time (the company faced numerous financial struggles and legal battles), but it inspired countless artists to break free from the restrictions of big-time labels and make their own way.

Their Studio Techniques Were State of the Art

Before the Beatles, records were essentially nothing but live recordings of bands playing in studio. Modern artists have the Beatles and their producers to thank for such techniques as Artificial Double Tracking (ADT), back masking, tuned feedback, distortion, multi-tracking/overdubbing, and many more.

They Stopped Touring

Typical recording contracts in the 1960s required bands to give dozens of concerts each year to promote and sell albums. But in August, 1966, the Beatles made the landmark decision to play their last show after more than six years of nonstop touring. They only made one more public performance in 1969 on the rooftop of their London studio.

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