This Hilarious Flight Safety Demonstration Will Have You In Stitches!

Posted by GreaterGoodness

Preflight safety demonstrations are boring, repetitive, and as much a chore for the uninspired flight attendants as the bored passengers who have to sit through them. Right? Well, not always. A flight attendant with Canada’s WestJet Airline livened up the dreary preflight routine with his over-the-top enactment of the flight safety demonstration. And judging from the applause he received from the rapt passengers, his showmanship was much appreciated. Grab a tiny bag of peanuts and give the video a view. Just make sure your tray tables have been restored to their upright positions.

Flying home from the fabulous TPLO conference…. We had the best in flight crew on West Jet. Laughed so hard. Only had a chance to video the French portion of the pre flight instructions ! Enjoy, we certainly did !

Posted by TM'z Veterinary Clinic on Saturday, August 1, 2015

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