They Met On A Blind Date, But They Actually Crossed Paths Years Earlier!

Posted by GreaterGoodness

Call it fate, call it coincidence, but the story of Jourdan and Ryan Spencer makes it appear as if they were meant to be together. They met on a blind date in 2004 and have been married since 2007. At some point along the way, they were talking about places they’d been. One place was an amusement park called Sesame Place in Pennsylvania.

Jourdan brought out an old home movie her mom had taken while they were there and BOOM! Into the picture walks Ryan, 13-years-old. “It was clear it was him,” Jourdan said. “He was like a geeky, tall, thin kid with horrible glasses.”

Ryan agrees. “It’s definitely me — my ears, the glasses I was wearing at that age, everything.”

One other note: they apparently attended the same Rolling Stones concert in 1989 but didn’t connect there either, or at least there is no video confirmation…

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