The Reason This Boy Called 911 Is Kind Of Hilarious

Posted by GreaterGoodness

When someone is mean to you and it hurts your feelings, you need to let that person know that being mean is not okay, right? Well, that’s what 7-year-old Charlie did — in a rather extreme way.

While Charlie was playing with two friends next door, his grandma Rosie ran out to grab food for them. When she returned, she was shocked to see a police car outside her house. No one was hurt, but she soon discovered that Charlie had called 911. The reason? His friend Janet had been mean to him, by telling him to shut up four different times.

That’s a good reason to call the police right? In fact, Charlie called 911 twicefor two different reasons. I can’t decide if the first or second phone call was more amusing.

Learn more in the video!

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