He Thought His Father’s WWII Medals Were Gone Forever, But A U.S. Senator Had A Surprise For Him…

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medals1Last Thanksgiving, Paul Reyburn’s house was broken into and ransacked. Among the things that were stolen was his dad’s Purple Heart from WWII.

“Going through everything at two in the morning and realizing that the medal was missing was really a punch in the gut,” said Paul.

Warren Reyburn served in the 25th Infantry (known as “Tropic Lightning”) and was part of the group that battled 165 consecutive days for the liberation of the Philippines. He also trained with the Alamo Scouts, an elite group that was the precursor to the Army Rangers and Green Berets. Warren passed away in 2000.

Paul didn’t know how to go about replacing the Purple Heart so he reached out to local media, asking people to keep an eye out. Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar saw the story and had her office reach out to Paul, saying they would do everything they could to replace the medal.

But her generosity didn’t stop there. Fast forward to Memorial Day weekend when Sen. Klobuchar herself stopped by Paul’s house to present him and his family with several of Warren’s medals that the family didn’t even know existed!

Paul says his dad would have been humbled and proud to receive these medals. “He never talked much about the war. This has certainly brought to light some of the amazing things he did. To me, he was just ‘Dad’. But ordinary people do extraordinary things when called upon.”

Get the whole picture in the video below. Such an amazing story, and a wonderful tribute to our servicemen.

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