I Love Reading Stories Like This! Local Businesses Helping The Homeless!

Posted by GreaterGoodness

It’s one thing for big corporations to support corporate giving, but it’s another for small, local business owners to take on the problem of homelessness in their business models.

Check out these awesome companies that have gone out of their way to help the downtrodden in their communities! They are literally changing lives, every day.

You can help the homeless in your community, too! Read on to find out how.

1. Hot Showers For The Homeless

business-helps-homeless1Doniece Sandoval had an encounter with a homeless woman on the streets of San Francisco that changed her life. The homeless woman told Doniece that she felt like she would never be clean. After some research, Doniece found out there were only 16 shower stalls available for over 3,500 homeless people. She thought that was unacceptable. In her own words, “If you can cater gourmet meals on wheels, why not showers and toilets?”

After gutting a bus and installing showers and toilets, Lava Mae was born. Doniece says she loves building relationships with the people who come to take advantage of a free hot shower. Watch the full video


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