Patience And Kindness Make This Target Cashier’s Story Go Viral

Posted by GreaterGoodness

Picture this: You run into Target for a couple items, hoping to get in and out as quickly as possible. You get in line, and then you have to wait because the woman in front of you is paying with change and wants to purchase each item separately. That’s what happened to Sarah Owen Bigler, and she was annoyed. Annoyed, that is, until she saw the example being set for her daughter by the cashier, which touched her so much that she made a now-viral Facebook post about it. Bigler was in a hurry, so she was frustrated with how long the checkout line was taking. Then she saw how Ishmael Gilbert, the 19-year-old cashier, treated the elderly woman who was paying with change. He called her “ma’am.” He gently took change from her hand and helped her count it.

As he counted, he even explained to Bigler’s young daughter what the various coins were called. When the woman asked for a reusable bag, he went to another aisle to get it for her. Bigler snapped a quick picture of Gilbert helping the customer, which he told the IndyStar he didn’t know she had taken.

When it was Bigler’s turn in line, the first thing Gilbert did was thank her for her patience.

Bigler wrote a Facebook post the next day that included the story and the picture, and it went viral. The story became so widely circulated that the media came to Target to interview Gilbert. The young cashier says his philosophy is to treat people how he wants to be treated.

For interviews with the media, he brought along the woman that taught him that philosophy — his mother. According to Today, she has written a Facebook post of her own thanking Bigler for recognizing her son’s patience, and saying how proud she is of him. Sounds like she has good reason to be! People like Gilbert show everyone the value of being kind to one another. Read even more amazing stories of human kindness here, at GreaterGoodness!

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