6 Tips for Taking Great Photos Of Your Cat

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We all love sharing photos of our beloved furry friends on Facebook and Instagram. But getting the perfect shot can be tricky. Find out how you can capture professional quality cat photos without any fancy equipment!



1. Keep your cat engaged.

Think about the toys and household items your cat can’t resist and use them to your advantage! Does she love unraveling toilet paper rolls? Staring out the window? Exploring empty cardboard boxes? Invite her out to play and in no time you’ll be capturing some excellent action shots.

Cat on a sofa with white cup

2. Use simple, colorful staging.

Simple backgrounds make for the best pet photos because they let your subject shine! Blank walls, neutral furniture, solid-colored blankets and colorful rugs are all great options. If your surroundings aren’t ideal, consider hanging a sheet from the ceiling or draping a blanket over a chair to create a solid background.



3. Turn off the flash.

Use natural light whenever possible. Doing so is the number one way to take your photos from dingy to professional. Aim to schedule your photo shoot for early morning or late afternoon when the sun is low — that way you’ll have soft, allover light which will prevent unsightly shadows.

Woman with sleeping Cat


4. Enlist help.

The best photographers know that an assistant is essential. Your hands will be tied when you’re behind the camera, so consider keeping a family member or friend nearby with treats and toys at the ready. With an assistant by your side to help direct your cat’s attention, you’ll be much more likely to capture those adorable ears-up moments.

Bengal Cat under Cupboard


5. Get on eye level.

Avoid shooting your cat from above or below as this can create awkward angles and shadows. Your best bet is to get up close and on eye level. Think of it as an opportunity to get into your cat’s world and show things from her perspective.



6. Make your cat comfortable.

This one sounds obvious, but pet owners often try to force their pets into unnatural (though adorable) situations to get a great shot. Be patient and respect your subject — never force your cat to do something against her will. Trust us, your photos will be much better (and more authentic!) if you let her do her thing.

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