8 Cooking Fails That Will Make Your Food Look GOOD!

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Cooking delicious meals from scratch can be super rewarding. But what many home cooks don’t realize is that most of the impeccable dishes they see on recipe blogs are cooked by professionals and photographed under perfect studio conditions.

And that his how the “cooking fail” was born. “Cooking fails” are earnest attempts by everyday people to cook amazing looking dishes from the web…with less than ideal results.

These 8 “fails” will make your cooking blunders look a whole lot less pathetic. You’re welcome.

8. Strawberry pie? Oh my!


Strawberry Pie / Via 12Tomatoes and Instagram/becca0203

7. Maniacal Macarons!


Almond Macarons / Via 12Tomatoes and Decatur Macpherson

6. New helmets this season!


Oreo Cookie Football Helmets / Via SnackWorks and Instagram/rachaelmerie

5. The apple fell pretty far from the tree…


Apple Pie Baked In The Apple / Via DomesticDilettante and EpicPinterestFail

4. Trick or treat? Definitely trick!


Candy Corn And White Chocolate Softbatch Cookies / Via AverieCooks and Instagram/clarissafidler

3. I’d still eat that.


Pizza Cupcakes / Via Pennywise and Instagram/beth_gabb

2. Does this count as fruit salad at least?


Chocolate Covered Banana Split Bites / Via FoodDoodles and Instagram/kate_camille

1. We didn’t start the fire: Using a vacuum to clear the smoke detector!

Remember: Avoid your own “cooking fails” by reading through your recipes in their entirety before giving them a try. And don’t forget to double check your measurements! These adorable measuring spoons make it easy. Plus, they fund diabetes research!

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