The Shoes Off His Feet: A Gift From A Cop To A Man In Need

Posted by GreaterGoodness

When Cleveland police officer Jose Sadalua was called in to deal with a homeless man sleeping in the entryway to an apartment building, everyone involved probably expected an arrest. Instead, the officers asked what they could do to help the homeless man, Glenn Kline, stay warm in the below-freezing weather. Noticing that Kline had no shoes, Officer Sadalua literally gave him the boots off his feet.Temperatures were expected to hit a low of 15 degrees Fahrenheit that night in January 2016. Although homeless shelters were available, Kline insisted he didn’t feel safe sleeping in them, so he was doing his best to stay warm in the frigid weather outdoors.

Kline was grateful not to be arrested and even more grateful for the unexpected gift of the boots, which fit him perfectly. Kline is well-known in the West 117th Street neighborhood of Cleveland, where he has been homeless for some years.

Sadalua, of course, was still on duty in his now-shoeless state. Without making a fuss, he merely asked his partners to drive him by his home so he could pick up another pair of boots and finish his shift.

Sadalua didn’t give away his boots to make headlines. In fact, he asked his colleagues not to say anything. The other officers, however, ignored these pleas and started telling people what Sadalua had done. One of the officers commented that the act of generosity wasn’t surprising at all, as it was an expression of who Sadalua is as a person. Other reports of people giving away shoes and coats have popped up in the wake of Sadalua’s generous gesture!

When someone goes out of his way to help a fellow human being, it serves as an inspiration, giving others permission to do the same in the best kind of “going viral.”

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