Twice In A Lifetime: Couple Reunites After 50 Years (And Couldn’t Be Happier)!

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Romantic movies often feature young couples who break up for one reason or another before finding their way back to each other. Anne Stevens and George Dooley have a real-life love story that tops any movie storyline. The pair spent over 50 years apart before rekindling their romance. Stories like this may seem like fairy tales, but science has actually turned up some surprising information about lovers that get back together. Anne and George met in 1957 and dated briefly, but like most high school romances, theirs didn’t work out.

Each of them fell in love with other people, married and had multiple children, but their spouses passed away. According to The NG News, it was a 2014 meeting at the Pictou County Flea Market that sparked a new flame between the two.

This type of reconnection is more successful than you might think. One study of young couples who broke up and got back together after spending at least five years apart found that the reconnected couples had a 76 percent chance of staying together, quite a bit higher than the 40 percent marriage success rate.

The Lost Love Project actually found that the older the couple and the longer they had been separated, the more likely it was that the reunion would succeed. Nancy Kalish, who set up the study, attributes the success of these couples to their shared history together.

For Anne and George, everyone saw it coming.
The two felt that same “puppy love” they had experienced when they were in high school.

The kids bet on when the two would get together, and whoever had “February 2015 for a Lori Morgan concert” won that bet. The relationship has been strong ever since, and the couple decided they’d marry on July 15, 2016. Sometimes finding that special someone is all about timing. Do you have a story of love “lost and found?”

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