Man Starts Wave Of Kindness After Returning $500 Found In ATM Drive-Through!

Posted by GreaterGoodness

Imagine driving up to an automated teller machine and discovering $500 left in the cash withdrawal slot. This is exactly what happened to Bobby Puryear in California.

Knowing the money was not his and determined to find its owner, he took it into the bank. While it had no formal procedure finding the customer, the bank agreed to attempt to locate the rightful owner.After checking records, the bank determined the customer just prior to Puryear at the ATM was 92-year-old Edith. She had visited the machine to withdraw the money to cover her rent, which totaled $480. The remaining $20 was all the money she had for the remainder of the month, but she offered it as a reward to Puryear as a reward. After learning about her financial condition, he not only refused the reward but instructed the bank to transfer an additional $200 to Edith’s account. Credits Credits

His generosity became an inspiration to others. One of Bobby’s coworkers overheard his conversation on the phone and gave an additional $100. The employees at the bank were so touched, they gathered and additional $300 for Edith. Edith’s forgetfulness, which could have resulted in financial disaster for her, became a blessing because of Bobby’s honesty and generosity. Bobby did the right thing, inspiring a wave of good deeds in the process.

Like Edith, many senior adults live on a fixed income. Even those who once lived in relative luxury may find themselves with limited money later in life. According to the Social Security Administration, nearly 25 percent of older married couples and 50 percent of older singles depend on Social Security for 90 percent of their incomes. With an average payment of $1,269 per month as of 2016, budgets are often tight. In our world, it sometimes seems as if there is no good news, but there are people doing the right thing at all costs on a daily basis.

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