Pairing Beer With Food: Beyond Burgers And Brats!

Posted by GreaterGoodness

When you think of pairing the right drink with a certain food, the first beverage that probably comes to mind is wine. Increasingly, however, those who love a great meal are thinking about how to match great craft beers with the foods they love. Take a look at some of the food-and-beer pairings that go far beyond popping open a cold one to enjoy with burgers or brats.

Some chefs suggest looking for what the food and the beer have in common when trying to make the right match. A spicy dish might go down well with a spicy pale ale, with both elements reflecting back similar flavors. In a similar manner, a light craft lager can pair well with a brightly flavored meal such as fish tacos. On the bolder side, the strong flavors of blue cheeses such as Stilton are traditionally paired with bold, malty barleywine types of beers that contain powerful notes such as molasses and dark fruits.

Another way to think about beer and food pairings is to compare them to wine and food pairings. Just as lighter white wines tend to be served with fish, chicken and light pasta dishes, so do lagers, which are more delicate, pair well with these lighter entrées. In the same way, more robust ales and stouts are the beer family’s equivalent to heartier red wines. Pair them with red meats, smoked foods and barbecue, as well as with strong salty tastes such as bacon. It shouldn’t be surprising that beers and foods from the same countries tend to go well together. You can’t go wrong bringing a six-pack of Mexican beer to a fiesta where tacos and burritos are on the menu, and German beers pair nicely with the heavier foods of their home country. Think back over meals you’ve enjoyed with a great beer. What are some of your favorite pairings?

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