This Man’s Thank You Letter to His Girlfriend’s Ex Will Touch Your Heart

Posted by GreaterGoodness

Picture this: Your girlfriend, whom you adore, shares with you the story of an ex-boyfriend who treated her like she barely mattered and eventually ended up leaving her. You’d probably be feeling many emotions, with anger and sadness being the most prominent. One man saw the situation as an opportunity to thank that ex-boyfriend, with a letter he posted for the whole world to see. The Facebook post got over 60,000 likes and was shared over 20,000 times within only a couple weeks. It’s posted on the Love What Matters page, and the man who submitted the letter included a picture of himself sharing a passionate kiss with his girlfriend. March March

The post hasn’t been confined to Facebook, though, as Twitter users have also taken screenshots to share it on that site.

The first thing the man says in his letter, which he addresses “To the man who let her go,” is “thank you.” He proceeds to thank the ex-boyfriend for leaving and for all the times he didn’t keep this woman happy. The writer explains that this gives himself the opportunity to cherish this woman and to be the boyfriend she deserves. Above all else, the idea that resonates throughout the letter is that the writer knows he has found the right woman and that he is going to do everything he can to be with her forever. March March

According to Mama Mia, the letter created a strong reaction in the comments. While some took issue with the way the letter was written or specific phrases the writer used, the top comments praise the spirit of the letter and also the fact that the writer was brave enough to post it publicly. The woman who is the subject of this letter went from struggling through a bad relationship to finding the right man for her and being cherished every day. If you’re in a good relationship, how did you know you had found the right person? Please share!

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