Rewriting The Labels: Bullied Teen Inspires Others With Inspirational Video!

Posted by GreaterGoodness

Cyberbullying occurs through mean text messages and emails, embarrassing social media pictures and fake profiles, to name a few. Lauren Brocious, a Virginia High School student, suffered from bullying since she was in eighth grade. Her education was affected because she always worried about what people said about her. However, she had enough of it and decided to speak about it as a way to fight back.

Lauren created an anti-bullying video campaign titled “#labels” after noticing mean comments posted on her friend’s Instagram page. The video focuses on the impact of bullying and encourages people not to believe the negative words spoken about them. She writes negative words on her face using eyeliner and replaces them with positive words, hoping to inspire victims of bullying to define themselves using positive words and actions, and love themselves for who they are.

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