He Asked for Money, Got a Job Instead: Minnesota Cafe Helps Man in Need!

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Life hasn’t been easy for Marcus, who first started calling the streets his home at the age of 16. Multiple felony convictions left him unable to find employment, so the only way he can get money is by stealing it or begging for help from strangers. His luck finally turned one day around when he walked into Abi’s Cafe, where he was met by a response unlike one he’d ever had before. The first question Cesi Abi, the 25-year-old owner of Abi’s Cafe in Minneapolis, had for Marcus when he walked in and asked her for some money, was why he wasn’t working for money instead of asking for handouts. Marcus told her that his criminal record deterred employers from wanting to hire him. Business had been slow for Cesi, but she was actually short-staffed that day, so she decided to offer Marcus a job. He was thrilled at the chance to earn money and buy himself food.

Since Marcus had come in hungry, Cesi gave him a sandwich as he got ready for his first shift. What he did next showed her his true character, as he immediately gave half of it to a homeless woman outside. After that, Marcus got to work.

CBS News reports that Marcus works two hours per day. The arrangement works out well for both Cesi, who can only afford paying that much, and Marcus, who is only able to stand for about two hours at a time. Marcus takes out the trash, washes the dishes and when he finishes up his shift, he buys food from the restaurant.

He insists on paying, but he does get an employee discount.

Cesi turned the job into a permanent arrangement after the first two weeks. She also helps Marcus save 10 percent of his pay so he can get a fresh start in the future. Cesi showed that when businesses give back, they can make a big difference. Do you have a story about a business in your community helping out? Please share!

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