Cheerleader Asks Autistic Teen To Prom — And The Joyous Reaction Went Viral!

Posted by GreaterGoodness

If you or someone you know feels left out of the social crowd at times, then this could be the inspiring video you need. Mikal, a cheerleader, invites a teen with autism, Jonathan, to the prom by writing out the question on a giant cookie, and his reaction is priceless. Seeing how excited he gets to be able to go to the prom with his friend shows that despite his differences, he has feelings just like a typical high school kid.

According to the NY Daily News, Mikal knew that Jonathan wanted to go, and she decided to ask him so he could “have the same feeling” that she had when going to prom. She also said that this prom would be “the most special prom for me because I’ll be making someone else happy.”

After watching this video, remember how important it is to do nice things for those that simply want a friend or to take part in typical life events.

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