Most Kids Probably Know A Child That Goes to Bed Hungry Every Night

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Nearly 16 million American children go without the amount of healthy foods they need to properly grow and develop. Almost 40 percent of the United State’s homeless population is under the age of 18, and 57 percent of these kids go without food at least one day each month. Your child may not realize it, but they probably know someone who goes to bed hungry each night or even someone who is homeless in their school. Kids can make a huge difference, especially when it comes to helping other kids, and there are plenty of ways to go about it.


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1. Host a Hunger Party

Instead of a traditional birthday party, throw a hunger party for willing tweens and teens. Ask guests to bring non-perishable pantry items or monetary donations for a local food bank in lieu of gifts, and send them home with information about child hunger, community resources for those in need, and what they can do to help.

2. Organize a Craft Sale

This service project appeals to kids because it is creative and social. Plan a date and location for a community craft sale and invite neighborhood children to participate by making their favorite crafts. From bracelets and Duct tape wallets to creative artwork and homemade bubble baths, kid-made crafts have great profit potential, especially when the proceeds go to a good cause.

3. Cultivate a Garden

Gardening has a ton of health benefits and is a proven way to help kids make healthier food choices. Growing a garden is also a simple way for kids to help out a local soup kitchen. Carrots, lettuce, tomatoes and squash are fairly easy to grow at home, and your surplus can feed needy families in your community.


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4. Skip a Luxury

The selfless act of sacrifice is a powerful way to help others. Some kids choose to give up sodas, fast food, or other “luxuries” to help kids in need. Whether it’s for a week or a year, this simple act of kindness makes a big difference.

5. Join Forces With Teachers

Schools host an assortment of food drives and fundraisers to help children in need. Encourage your kids to become more involved by organizing a student-teacher basketball game or a community yard sale. Suggest a school-wide Empty Bowls fundraising project to your child’s art teacher. Students make simple ceramic bowls to use at a hunger awareness charity dinner, or sell the bowls within the community and donate the proceeds to a local food bank or shelter.

6. Hold a Raffle

Selling raffle tickets is an effective and simple way to raise money for most any cause, but requires a bit of legwork to be a complete success. Help your child contact local businesses for prize donations, print tickets on your home computer and enlist the help of other kids to sell the tickets within the community. Remember to note the name of the organization receiving the proceeds, possible prizes and the date of the raffle on the ticket.


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7. Have a Community Book Fair

A charity book fair is a fun and friendly way to raise money and awareness, and it benefits a variety of people. Plan this event several months in advance to allow plenty of time for book collecting. Host the book sale in a home or community center on an afternoon or throughout the weekend. Consider donating unsold items to a local children’s home or library.

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