These Four Children Have Stepped Forward

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Just as one spark can light a fire, one child can ignite significant change in his or her community. Out of the depths of poverty and suffering, four children have stepped forward to take on the issues of global poverty and health, while inspiring and supporting other young people to join them on the front lines of the battle. These kids are out to change the world, and hearing their stories may just inspire you to do the same.


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1. Anoyara: Warrior Against Human Trafficking

First-hand knowledge empowered and inspired this young girl to transform her early childhood experiences into the fuel for her campaign against human trafficking. Born to an impoverished mother, Anoyara was given up as a young child in exchange for money. After being trafficked as a domestic worker, this inspiring young woman decided to devote herself to protecting other young girls from facing the same fate. As a result, she has helped reunite trafficked children with their families, while preventing numerous cases of child marriage. Her battle is particularly noteworthy because Anoyara’s home country, India, is at the center of the human trafficking problem, with roughly 200,000 children sold into slavery every year according to Fox News.

2. Mohamedi: Leader for Child Rights

This young man brings a new dawn to his home in East Africa. In addition to being an outspoken advocate for fellow albinos in Tanzania, Mohamedi also joined the country’s children’s council and works to educate the people in his community about the rights of albinos and all children.

In Tanzania, albinos, who lack pigment in their skin, are routinely at risk of being kidnapped and either dismembered or handed over to witch doctors who believe that albinos have special powers, according to The Wall Street Journal. In addition to championing albinos everywhere, this hero also speaks out against laws that prevent girls from becoming fully educated and make it legal for 15-year old girls to marry.

3. Debora: Youth Rights Activist

In a country that faces serious problems with budgets, human resources and infrastructure needed to deal with the challenges that climate change presents, a young hero has stood up and found own way to plug into the world’s major issues by co-founding a non-governmental organization led by young Brazilians. Debora’s organization, Engajamundo, works to increase the participation and mobilization of the youth in her country, bringing them into the forefront of the international agenda regarding youth rights and climate change.

She speaks at major events such as the World Conference on Youth, and she works tirelessly to be an example to other young citizens. She leads by her example, clearly demonstrating that it’s within everyone’s power to protect their rights and their planet to create a better tomorrow.


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4. Precious: Leader in the Fight for Zambia’s Children

A large majority of the children living in Zambia are in desperate need of protection. UNICEF estimates that the 13,000 children living on the street and the 20,000 households headed by children are at the highest risk of abuse and exploitation. Women and children are in dire need of health services, education and so much more.

In this tumultuous environment, Precious stood up and began championing the need for child rights for both education and health in her country. This young leader works to gain increased funding for health services and awareness about forced marriage.

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