A Sweet Story: Little Girl Starts Lemonade Stand, Cop Rewards Her In An Awesome Way!

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It was just a typical day out on patrol in Painesville, Ohio for Lake County Sheriff’s Deputy Zack Ropos. He spotted 9-year-old Gabrielle Garcar’s lemonade stand and decided to make a quick stop.
lemonade cop2

As he pulled up, Gabrielle ran to his car and presented him with a glass of lemonade. He gave her a few bucks for the drink and asked her what she planned to do with the money she made. She told him she was selling lemonade in hopes of purchasing an iPad to help her with her schoolwork and to play games.
lemonade cop3

Ropos then talked to Gabrielle’s mother and explained he had an old iPad that the girl could have. He promised to return the next day.

Sadly, when Ropos got home and tested the tablet, it didn’t work. Not letting this stop him from rewarding the little girl for her efforts, he decided to go to Best Buy the following day to purchase a new tablet. After finding a store that agreed to contribute some of the cost of the iPad, Ropos purchased a new tablet to present to Gabrielle.

Returning to the girl’s lemonade stand, Ropos asked Gabrielle much money she had made so far. As it turned out, the big-hearted little girl had given her mother the money she had saved for gas.

Listening to the story, he told Gabrielle what a good thing she had done by giving her mother the money. He then gave her the new iPad. Needless to say, there were tears of joy.
lemonade cop1

Ropo’s boss, Lake County Sheriff Dan Dunlap, said Ropos had only been with the department for eight months, but in that time he had performed other acts of kindness to the community. In a time when so much negativity is directed toward those in uniform, it’s nice to show that there are plenty of good men and women serving their communities.

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