Doing the Right Thing: Culprits Return Blind Man’s Guide Dog With an Apology Note

Posted by GreaterGoodness

Blind people typically rely on their guide dogs to provide them with a connection to the sighted world, so it was devastating to a blind masseur in Beijing, China when his dog was stolen. After news of the theft went viral, though, the thieves returned the precious dog to her owner with a note asking for forgiveness. The masseur, Tian Fengbo, had asked a fellow worker at his massage salon to take Qiaoqiao, his 7-year-old black Labrador retriever, for a walk when a gang driving in a silver van stopped and snatched the dog.



Tian was distraught when he heard the news, finding himself unable to eat or sleep. In China, stolen dogs are often sold to meat markets, so his distress went far beyond the impairment to his ability to get around.

Guide dogs for the blind are actually quite rare in China, with only about 100 guide dogs in the whole country, which is home to only one guide dog training center. Because Tian’s dog is one of only 10 in all of Beijing, the theft resulted in an exceptional amount of media attention. Tian was afraid to go outside his home without Qiaoqiao, who made it possible for him to cross roads and made him feel comfortable in the sighted world.

Everyone following those news stories rejoiced when Qiaoqiao was returned a few days later with an attached letter that read “We were wrong. We beg pardon,” but no one more than Tian. He reported that Quioquio was initially nervous and low-spirited when she returned home, but quickly returned to her usual vivacious personality.

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