Do-It-Yourself Project Helps Doggie Regain His Mobility And Saves Owner Thousands!

Posted by GreaterGoodness

When Briana Ibarra’s dog Benny woke up one day unable to move his legs, she feared the worst. Benny, a 4-year old Pomeranian, was taken to a hospital where doctors asked Briana to choose between an $8000 treatment or a $1000 wheel chair. She had money for neither.

Enter James Panigua, Briana’s boyfriend and a DIY enthusiast. Using lessons found on the Internet, James fashioned a wheelchair for Benny out of PVC pipes. The most expensive part of the wheelchair? The wheels, which cost $20. When Benny tried out the makeshift wheelchair, he expressed his approval by wagging his tail! You go, Benny!!

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