An Act Of Kindness Goes Viral

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Can you imagine the embarrassment of eating a meal at a restaurant, then learning that your credit card has been denied? That’s what happened to a woman at a Pizza Express restaurant in Surbiton, England. What could have been a humiliating experience, however, was turned into a moment of graciousness thanks to a family dining in the restaurant and a generous, thoughtful restaurant assistant manager.

Lisa and Jeremy Wilks, sitting at the next table at the Pizza Express with their children, noticed what was going on at the next table. As Lisa later told the story, the waitress was very discreet and kind. She went to fetch her manager.

Jeremy Wilks immediately offered to pay for the woman’s meal, as well as that for her child.

However, when assistant manager Alex Prince arrived, he told the Wilks family that the restaurant had a policy that allowed him to give away two free meals per month. He was choosing to exercise that policy for the woman who’s card was denied.

The woman apologized for the situation and was very grateful for the restaurant’s kindness. But that wasn’t the end of the story.

Prince next approached the Wilks’ table. He told them that because they had been so generous in offering to pay for the woman’s meal, the restaurant was going to pay for their meal as well, using up their second free meal of the month.

Lisa was blown away by the restaurant’s generosity. She went straight to Facebook, where she posted the whole story, hoping her friends would share it. Within five days, Lisa’s Facebook post had gone viral. More than 20,000 people had shared it, and it was already up to 40,000 likes. Many people left comments on how nice it was to see a business behave in such a generous manner.

If you keep your eyes open, you can find people doing good things all over the globe.

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