The Kindness From One Florida Policewoman Will Warm Your Heart

Posted by GreaterGoodness

With reports of police brutality and negligence rife in the news, it can be easy to forget what a meaningful and important difference most officers make in the communities they serve. Police officers like Sgt. Erica Hay, for example, whose recent generosity to a homeless man made the media melt.

According to an article published in Today News, a local mother, TiAnna Greene, caught Sgt. Hay in the act as she drove her young daughter to summer camp one morning in July, 2015. As her vehicle idled at a stop light, Greene spotted the officer sat down next to a homeless man on a curb. Sgt. Hay gave the man a cup of coffee and some food; then, she shared a conversation and enjoyed breakfast with him.

Greene, who felt moved by the scene, took out her cell phone and started to take pictures of the event. Later that day, she posted them on social media with a message of thanks to the officer. Greene felt uplifted that her 7-year-old second-grade daughter also witnessed the officer’s kindness. The pictures went viral and Sgt. Hay’s employer, the Ocala Police Department, also posted the pictures on its social media account.

ABC7 Los Angeles interviewed Sgt. Hay, who said she didn’t know the man before sharing breakfast with him that day. Sgt. Hay saw the man before getting breakfast at Dunkin’ Donuts, and returned to eat with him because, “nobody wants to eat alone.” Hay thanked Greene for sharing the positive images; later, the two women became Facebook friends.

Despite negative reports, many policemen and women in America continue to serve their communities with open hearts and minds, just like Erica Hay. Check out Greater Goodness to learn about how another police officer’s swift actions helped save the life of a baby in Albuquerque in May, 2015.

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