Son Sends Mom Cardboard Cutout of Himself — Her Hilarious Response Made Mothers Everywhere Laugh!

Posted by GreaterGoodness

It’s always hard on a mother when her son leaves home for the first time. When Dalton Ross went to London on a study abroad program, he decided to get his mother something to remind her of him. Dalton has quite the sense of humor, so he felt a 5-foot, 2-inch cardboard cutout of himself was an appropriate choice.

As it turns out, Dalton isn’t the only funny one in the family, as his mother’s hilarious response to the gift went viral after it got everyone on social media laughing. Dalton ordered the cutout from Fathead after he had gotten settled into his dorm in London. Any good present needs a note, and Dalton went with a simple “You’re welcome.” He thought his mother would set the cutout up in the living room somewhere, but he couldn’t have been more wrong.

Instead, his mother, Susan Talley, decided to take the cutout everywhere. “Flat Dalton,” as she called him, came along to his little brother’s basketball games, the sandwich shop, the dentist and several other locations.

She even set him up on a date for Valentine’s Day, with a doll, of course. Susan made sure to take plenty of pictures of Flat Dalton’s adventures, all of which went on Facebook.

Susan didn’t let Dalton know of her plans before taking the pictures or posting the photos online, so he got quite the surprise. It has actually turned out to be a profitable venture for the hilarious mother, as a restaurant called O’Charley’s that was in one of the Flat Dalton pictures sent her a gift card. Dalton and his mother are clearly the type of people who express their love through humor, which is great for everyone who got a laugh out of Flat Dalton’s pictures.

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