Fourth-Grade Hero Honored for His Quick Thinking When Carbon Monoxide Detector Went Off!

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A 10-year-old Massachusetts boy was honored in February 2016 for saving his own life and that of his 15-year-old brother a few months previously. The two boys were home from school for Christmas break when the carbon monoxide detector sounded about 9:15 a.m.
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Brayden Wilcox heard the alarm, woke his brother and they exited without injury. The fourth-grader had recently completed a Student Awareness of Fire Education course at his school taught by the same department that honored him.The state of Massachusetts funds the SAFE Program using taxes collected from tobacco sales. Since the state’s implementation of the program in 1995, the average number of children who die in the state annually due to fires has dropped by 70 percent. The program has recognized children as young as three for their role in fire safety.

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless and tasteless gas that is a byproduct of incomplete combustion. It mixes with the air and displaces oxygen the heart, lungs and brain require to function. A working carbon monoxide detector, like the one in the Wilcox home, provides a warning so inhabitants can escape.

For his efforts, Brayden joined more than 320 other residents of his state in receiving the Young Hero Award, which includes a SAFE hat and T-shirt.
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State representative Joe McKenna presented him with a citation from the House of Representatives. He also got gift certificates from a local ice cream outlet.

Brayden is not the only hero in the Wilcox family. Five years earlier, the teen brother he saved from potential carbon monoxide poisoning saved Brayden’s life by jumping into a lake in New Hampshire and pushing him out of the way of a moving boat!

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