We All Have a Duty to Help Our Communities. Here Are 8 Simple Ways to Do That.

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No matter how busy you are, you can make a positive difference in your community. When you intentionally seek ways to lend a hand and participate, you move your neighborhood in the right direction. Start by supporting your local schools and neighborhood events and by helping to keep your local environment clean and attractive. Here are some other tips on small, simple ways you can make a difference in your community.

8. Tutor a Student

In any community, some students need a little a help to grasp the basics of subjects that don’t come naturally to them, whether it’s going over formulas in algebra or practicing vocabulary in a foreign language. Step up to tutor a student, or start with the youngest and help a child open the door to wonder by teaching him how to read.

7. Keep Your Home in Shape

When you keep your lawn mowed, bring your trash cans in from the street on time, and don’t allow litter or debris to pile up in your yard, you send a message to your neighbors that you care. Keeping your home in shape benefits the whole community by making it more inviting.

6. Plant Flowers

Planting flowers is easy and inexpensive, and it brings a burst of color to your immediate neighborhood. Once you’ve spruced up your own home, plant some flowers in a public spot that could use a little help.

5. See Something, Say Something

If you spot something suspicious in your community, check it out or make the appropriate phone call. Join your local neighborhood watch group, keep an eye on your neighbors’ homes and kids, and don’t assume that neighborhood safety is someone else’s responsibility.

4. Volunteer

Whether you head to your local library, hospital, or community theater, volunteering puts you in touch with like-minded people and helps your local institutions thrive. Keep an eye out for events that recur each year, such as local festivals or the Special Olympics.

3. Welcome New Neighbors

When the moving van pulls up, go out and greet it. Offer to help with the unpacking, or bring your new neighbor a welcome breakfast or pie to make them feel welcome in the neighborhood.

2. Gather Toys

Gently used toys are always welcome in children’s wards at hospitals or at preschools that may not have sufficient funding. Start a toy drive to help those in your community who may not be able to give their kids a great holiday season.

1. Help Out Your Neighbors

Offer to walk the dog of a neighbor who has to work late frequently, or volunteer to bring in a neighbor’s mail and newspapers when she goes on vacation. Keep an eye out for older or unwell neighbors who might need someone to check in on them or give them a hand with their yard work.

How do you make your community a better place?

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