Hockey Player With Heart: Uber Driver Shares Amazing Experience With Blackhawks’ Scott Darling!

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Most people who call for a rideshare are just trying to get from Point A to Point B, but what happened when professional hockey player Scott Darling shared a ride with a homeless man has inspired countless people.

According to a story told to Twitter user Kane Van Gate by his Uber driver, the Blackhawks goalie went above and beyond for his fellow man by setting him up with food and a place to stay. According to the story Van Gate got from his driver, which was later confirmed by Darling himself, the hockey player got into the driver’s Range Rover and struck up a conversation. When the conversation turned to hockey, the driver told Van Gate about a ride he gave Darling and another man some time earlier.

NBC Chicago

NBC Chicago

Darling shared his ride with a man who had no place to stay and not much money or food. After setting the man up with a month of accommodation at a local hotel, Darling bought him groceries. The unnamed Uber driver claimed not to have known who Scott Darling was until he searched for his name later.

Van Gate tweeted his story and immediately got around 2,000 shares on social media. The story of a gifted athlete quietly sharing his good fortune with others seems to have struck a nerve among hockey fans and the general public alike. Scott Darling worked hard to get to the NHL. Having fought his way into the majors, it’s heartening to hear that he still has time and money for those less fortunate. D you have a story of an athlete helping out? Please share!

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