Victim Of A Cruel Prank Receives Amazing Gift From Good People And His Favorite Team!

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Ron Leggatt, a New Jersey homeless man, was never one to beg for money, but when faced with an opportunity to earn a few dollars, he took it, even at the expense of his dignity. His life changed when a young man approached Leggatt out of the blue, offering to give him $5 in exchange for pouring hot coffee over his head.
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Desperate for cash, Leggatt went along with the cruel idea, doing the deed as the man videotaped him being scalded by hot liquid. An eyewitness intervened on Leggatt’s behalf, and the incident led to an outpouring of assistance and good will from caring people. If it wasn’t for the quick action of a good Samaritan, Ron Leggatt would have poured a second cup of scalding hot coffee over his head. He was offered more money to repeat the outrageous act, which was allegedly going to be featured at a website that made fun of homeless individuals. Instead, the good Samaritan exposed the young man’s actions, leading to a huge public outcry. After being publicly shamed, the young man apologized to Leggatt in person and gave him $20, after which the two shared a warm hug.

At the time of the incident, Leggatt was living in the dugout of a local baseball field. To stay warm, he wore a dirty, San Francisco 49ers jacket. When the 49ers found out about the cruel incident, they showed their support by sending him a surprise gift. A

” target=”_blank”>video captures his delight at receiving the package from the team. He is the lucky owner of a new team jacket, a cap and other goodies. Thanks to Go Fund Me donations and the efforts of a local social worker, Leggatt is now situated in a motel room, and things are looking much brighter.
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A brief glimpse into Leggatt’s past reveals he fell on hard times after suffering a head injury due to an accident. By standing up for the dignity of a homeless man, a caring stranger affirmed that homeless people deserve fair treatment.

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