Homeless Man Helps Young Woman Who Missed Her Train Find Shelter

Posted by GreaterGoodness

Nicole Sedgebeer was in a difficult situation late one night. She had nowhere to go, it was late, and she wasn’t sure the area was safe. Fortunately for her, a homeless man named Mark showed up to help. Nicole had just finished a night out in London when she missed her train. She went to Euston so she could wait at the train station and then take one to her home in Milton Keynes in the morning.

Except, the station was locked, leaving her without shelterundoubtedly a dangerous situation for a young woman.

Just when Nicole was about to break down, Mark showed up. Nicole herself said in a Facebook post that she probably would have avoided eye contact if this man came up asking her for spare change, but she couldn’t have been more wrong about him. He told her the area could be dangerous and offered to walk her to a cafe that was open all night. Once there, the two got a cup of coffee, and he told her he’d be back at 5 a.m.

Nicole didn’t think he’d actually show, but when she left the cafe that morning, she saw him running over. His bus had run late, but he was there to take her to the train station.

Nicole ended up taking a photo with Mark, which was his first ever selfie, and sharing it on social media, but she didn’t stop there.

The Independent reports that she set up a crowdfunding page to help the homeless in Euston, including Mark. In about a week, it had already raised more than 11,000 pounds. Nicole learned on her scary night that you can never judge a book by its cover, and the way she and Mark both ended up helping each other shows how easy it is to brighten another person’s day. Do you have a story about someone going above and beyond to help another person? Please share!

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