It’s All About Determination: Homeless Man Hands Out Resumes and Lands Job!

Posted by GreaterGoodness

Michael Marteen has seen plenty of homeless people asking for money, but when he came across Frederick Callison, he was pleasantly surprised how different this particular homeless person was. Callison wasn’t asking for anything but work, and he had the resume to prove it.

Manteen admired that, and decided he’d do whatever he could to help Callison find that job. The 52-year-old Callison was an out-of-work line cook with over 35,000 hours of experience. He made the trip from Washington State to California so he could try to cook for the Salvation Army, but that fell through and he became homeless. According to Today, Callison had been homeless and living outside a Smart & Final for two years before meeting Manteen. Callison was always willing to work, so he convinced the store to let him stay outside by bringing carts for them.

Manteen spoke to Callison one day while shopping with his family. Callison immediately jumped up from the sleeping bag that he was sitting on and started going over his experience. He was prepared with multiple printed resumes, his Social Security card and his food handler’s card. The 25-year-old Manteen didn’t have a job to offer him, but he did give him some food and took a picture of his resume to share.

Manteen put the picture and the story on Facebook, and the post was shared over 1,000 times. Shortly after, a job offer came in from Pizza Rocks.

Not only does Callison now have a job, but the restaurant also provided him with free uniforms. Getting to work was tough for him, but Manteen told Inside Edition that he was going to get Callison a bus pass. It’s easy to look at someone and see a stereotype. Manteen wasn’t sure about Callison at first, but when he got to know him, he realized Callison was a good, hard-working person who deserved some help. Do you have a story of someone who changed your first impression of them? Please share!

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