Canadian Model Fighting Jaw Cancer Births Miracle Baby And Keeps Modeling, Too

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Canadian model Elizaveta Bulokhova had it all. She strutted runways in the fashion capitals of the world, got married and became pregnant with a healthy baby boy. Then, while on vacation in Amsterdam in October 2014, the 24-year-old’s life forever changed when she was diagnosed with jaw cancer. According to Bored Panda, doctors told her to abort the unborn child and have life-saving chemotherapy. Instead, the brave young woman came up with another option.


Bulokhova, of Latvian ancestry, began modeling at age 17. She modeled on runways worldwide, including in Japan and New York. The beauty also showed up in magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar. Along with her partner — and soon-to-be husband — the couple expected their first child in late 2014.

Jaw Cancer

According to HuffPost Style Canada, a toothache that got worse over several months turned out to be a rare form of cancer called osteosarcoma, which attacked her jaw. In addition to chemotherapy, the young woman had to have 95 percent of her jaw removed during a 16-hour operation to rid her of the tumor. Subsequent surgeries reconstructed her face. The surgeries occurred while she was still pregnant.

Defining Moment

The defining moment for Bulokhova was when she told her baby to be still because she would have to give him up. Instantly, as if her unborn son could hear her, the baby stopped moving. At that point, Bulokhova knew she had to have her baby, no matter what lay in store for her. She prayed that she and her son would be healthy.

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