Kid Hero Saves The Day When Teacher Has An Asthma Attack!

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An asthma attack can become life-threatening quickly, as the case of Madonna Kenser shows. Unaware that she was allergic to the chemicals in her dry-erase marker, the elementary teacher from Poplar Bluff, Missouri, experienced an attack in her classroom that began with constriction in her throat. Harmes Harmes

She passed out as she tried to reach her purse for her inhaler, but her student Brendon Garman knew exactly how to act. Having learned what to do after watching a scene from the movie “Are We There Yet?”, Brendon is credited with saving his teacher’s life by getting her inhaler.

Sony Pictures Entertainment

Sony Pictures Entertainment

Asthma is a condition that affects both children and adults. Asthma sufferers such as Kenser experience attacks when exposed to certain triggers, such as allergic reactions and overexertion from exercise. Some attacks have no apparent cause. Inhalers, such as the one Brendon gave his teacher, contain medication that relaxes throat tissues to make breathing easier. dalton dalton

Kenser’s doctor stands by the fact that Brendon is a hero. When Kenser described the event to her doctor, he explained that 5,000 people die from similar events each year. Without Brendon’s quick thinking and the calm reaction of his classmates, the events of the day could have gone very different. While everyday heroes may not have their own movies or comic books, they often do amazing things. Many of these people don’t set out to do great things the day their heroism is needed, but like Brendon, they take action when they see others in pain.

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