This Kid Deserves A High-Five After Raising $10,000 For Schools In Flint!

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When 7-year old Isiah Britt found out about the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, he knew that didn’t make sense. He told his mom and dad that he wanted to do something to help the people of Flint. After several phone calls to Flint schools, he realized they had plenty of bottled water, but kids couldn’t wash their hands in school bathrooms. Isiah decided to focus his efforts on helping Flint school kids keep their hands clean without water. The spark that lit Isiah’s dedication to helping Flint schools began as a classroom assignment. The Buckland Mills Elementary School student wanted to write a report about clean water, and his mom suggested he write about what’s happening in Flint. As he dug deeper into that city’s water crisis, he discovered kids feared washing their hands in school bathrooms. He decided to raise money to buy hand sanitizer and send it to Flint schools.

The first step in that plan involved setting up a GoFundMe fundraiser. His initial goal was to raise $500 to supply hand sanitizer to Eisenhower Elementary. To his delight, that goal was reached in one day. Thanks to Isiah, the school has a year’s worth of sanitizer, but he didn’t stop there. As word about his fundraiser spread, donations continued pouring in, and so far, he’s raised over $10,000 for his cause. That’s enough money to supply all of Flint’s elementary schools with ample amounts of sanitizer.

Isiah has a simple philosophy to explain the success of his fundraiser. “It doesn’t matter if you’re small. It doesn’t mean you can’t do big things.”

His sincerity has inspired many adults to give, including his teacher, Mary Polhamus, who gave $30. According to his dad, Isiah is naturally giving and protective of others. Helping kids in Flint stay clean is another example of his giving spirit. Isiah is one of many inspiring kids making a difference in the world. Share your stories of inspiring kids!

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