These Kids are Cooking up Delicious Dishes While Building Self-Confidence!

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For a child, cooking offers many benefits, including getting valuable practice in following instructions and learning how to work in a team environment. Kitchen Kid, a Southern California organization, offers cooking camps to take advantage of these benefits and teach children new skills, which can ultimately lead to increased self-esteem.
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The camp offers classes in baking and cooking, and standout future chefs even have an opportunity for a scholarship to attend the camp. The organization also offers parties, classroom enrichment and mobile classes.
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Other valuable lessons the children learn at the camp include nutrition, making healthy food choices and learning the sources of food. The camps enrich skills in math, science and geography.

Cooking camps build self-confidence by assuring the children that they have the ability to start and finish a task. They are also a good way to involve the timid or shy child in a group experience.
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Even though every beginning cook makes mistakes, these mistakes can become learning experiences for the child, providing positive reinforcement to keep trying when something is initially difficult.

For families that cannot participate in a camp, the group offers Raddish, a subscription box with illustrated recipes that help families to learn by cooking together.
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For these families, cooking remains an important part of encouraging healthy development of a child. The subscription includes a shopping list, sent by email to the parent before the box arrives, for effective and successful use of the kit.

For the most effective use, parents should understand their child’s developmental stages. Even young children without the fine motor skills to measure ingredients can help by handing them to the parent when asked. These interactions help to build the child’s language skills. If you do not take part in a camp or subscribe to Raddish, find simple recipes to share with your children and invite them into the kitchen. Cooking is just one practical and fun hobby children can learn in the process of reaching their full potential.

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