Kids Provide the Perfect Clue With a Human Arrow Pointing to Suspects

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Sometimes help can come from the unlikeliest of places. That’s what police in Surrey, England found while on the trail of two suspected burglars, who were attempting to escape by running through a field in Capel. Little did they know, a group of quick-thinking young kids were nearby and realized they had an opportunity to do the right thing. According to RT, it was a group of kids between 6 and 12 years old who ended up giving the police a hand. Since it was Easter weekend, the kids were looking for Easter eggs in the plowed field.

Suddenly, two young men came running across the field.
kid arrow1

The kids noticed, and then they saw a helicopter with the National Police Air Service flying overhead. What they did next was possibly the most ingenious way they could help. They laid down on the ground, using their bodies to form an arrow that pointed in the direction where the suspects had run.
kid arrow2

The crew in the helicopter used the kids’ tip to figure out the approximate location of the suspects, and then gave that information to the ground team. These officers found and arrested both men on suspicion the men broke into a nearby building.

Sergeant Paul Sochon called the assistance the kids provided invaluable, and compared them to characters in the “Secret Seven” detective series from the 1950s. The kids’ human arrow has to be seen to be believed, and fortunately, the National Police Air Service released the helicopter video showing just that:

The kids are quickly becoming well known for their heroism, as the video received over 1 million views, and a Facebook post about the event received over 1,000 likes, all in only a couple of days. You’re never too young to be a hero!

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