Kids Can Make a Difference? 5 Ways Kids Help The Hungry

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Supporting children to work for the good of their communities to help eliminate hunger can be an excellent learning experience. It can help kids appreciate what they have, create a positive family bonding experience, and can empower children by teaching them first-hand how they can create positive change in the world around them. Read on for five ways that children can help the hungry.

Learn And Educate

Kids can start making a difference by getting educated about the issue of world hunger, and then they can share their knowledge to raise awareness and inspire those around them. Help children plan ways to communicate the issue, and they can pass on their knowledge to the people closest to them, such as family and friends, suggests Kids Can Make a Difference. Knowledge can expand your child’s circle of influence by developing a broader presentation that she can offer to her own class or school — or even to other local schools.

The Gift Of Time

No matter how small your town is, it surely has people in need. Contact local food banks, soup kitchens or homeless shelters with your child to find out how they can help. A young child could help cook a meal at home to bring to a shelter, or a teen could serve diners at a meal for the homeless. The Rhode Island Community Food Bank suggests that children hold food drives at a local church or school, or even at a party. See if your local food bank can provide supporting materials such as boxes and posters.

Contact Your Government Officials

As kids become more educated on the issues that lead to poverty and hunger, they can formulate proposals and ideas to present before their city, county or state governments. Passionate, energetic and well-informed kids can make persuasive constituents! Kids Can Make a Difference advises kids to come prepared with a full understanding of the implications of any proposal they present. They should be prepared to answer questions and suggest solutions. Recruiting friends to come along may also help sway government officials. Carefully select which leader to address based on the legislator’s individual interest in ending hunger or homelessness in your community.

If your child learns about an issue or proposal that interests her, then she may want to get started on working with the government by lending her support to groups working on that issue. In Chicago, a group of 50 children protested the closure of a clinic for the poor, and the attention that they drew to the issue resulted in a reversal of the decision.

Put It In Writing

Kids can also increase awareness by spreading the word far and wide in letters. This can include writing to newspapers and other media, as well as government officials. The letters can be in response to current issues, or they can propose new ideas and solutions to get the conversation started. Making direct contact with influential media outlets and government officials can draw increased attention to issues and even result in changes to laws and policies.

Raise Money

Holding a fundraiser that brings tangible assistance directly to those in need is a great way for kids to see how they can make a real difference in the lives of others. Effective fundraisers can include events with admission fees such as performances, poetry readings and art shows, or an event such as a bake sale, car wash or lemonade stand. Children can also use their own birthday parties as fundraisers by asking guests to make a donation instead of bringing gifts. For example, children in Kittery, Maine held a food drive and donated to a local food bank, and children in Eliot, Maine raised money to donate.

All of these ideas help kids improve their communities while also teaching them valuable life skills. Kids can get an up-close look at their government at work, learn how to plan a complex event, and improve their writing skills — all while helping to feed the hungry.

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