Is Laughter The Best Medicine?

Posted by GreaterGoodness

Your stomach hurts. Tears are running down your cheeks and you find yourself gasping for air. Yet you somehow find yourself wishing you could feel this way more often. How so? Well, as it turns out these aren’t the symptoms of some painful stomach flu we’re talking about here but rather how most people feel after a good laughing episode.

Laughing doesn’t just feel good. It can actually improve your health according to research on the benefits of laughter by Dr Lee Berk and Dr Stanley Tan at Loma Linda University in California. And even though “the definitive research into the potential health benefits of laughter hasn’t been done yet” according to Robert R. Provine of the University of Maryland, there’s no doubt laughter always makes us feel better rather than worse.

Laughter Is Like Working Out

Want to look forever young? Or feel forever young, for that matter? Exercise makes it happen for you (well, almost), and laughing really hard leaves you feeling as if you’ve just had a mild workout.

Laughter Reduces Stress

Have you ever noticed how after a good laugh your whole body relaxes and how you somehow feel ready to take on the world again? The reduction of stress hormones does that to you and additionally gives your immune system a boost.

Laugh Away Some Calories

Besides adopting healthy eating habits, you can try laughing for 10 to 15 minutes in order to burn about 50 calories, according to Maciej Buchowski, a researcher from Vanderbilt University. Be careful what you put in your mouth, though — a single chocolate bar can do away with all that calorie-burning laughter.

Release Those Endorphins

Laughing releases your body’s natural pain killers, also known as endorphins. Who knew you could literally laugh those headaches away?

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