NBA’s LeBron James Paves The Way For Students With College Scholarships

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For most of his career in the National Basketball Association, LeBron James has been celebrated for his accomplishments on the court. Yet, his recent commitment to send all 1,100 of the kids in his “I Promise” program to college, as reported in Good News Network, shows that his heroism extends much farther than throughout a basketball arena.

LeBron James didn’t just start his mentoring program yesterday, though. The LeBron James Family Foundation, partnering with the University of Akron, is set to sponsor full scholarships for all students who finish the academic program of the foundation, which the player has underwritten since 2010, reports Forbes.


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All 1,100 of the students currently in the “I Promise” Program sponsored by James’ foundation are in the Akron (Ohio) public school system. In order to qualify for the scholarships, the students have to finish the “I Promise” program requirements and meet minimum grade and attendance eligibility conditions as well. The scholarships begin in 2021, when the 2015-16 seventh graders finish high school. There are 1,200 more students who are projected to join the program between 2015 and 2019, meaning that 2,300 students can be eligible for full-tuition scholarships through James’ program.

The scholarships pay for tuition as well as for the University of Akron’s general service fee. At 2015 rates, that cost is $9,500 per year. To pay for the 1,100 kids currently in the program, the LeBron James Family Foundation would spend $41.8 million, reports Fox Sports.


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At a time when far too many pro athletes are getting press for the wrong reasons, initiatives like James’ commitment to the future of Akron’s youth too often fly under the radar. The graduates of the “I Promise” Program will have access to the education they need to escape generational poverty and make a difference — just like LeBron.

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