Baby Brother: Crying. Mother: Unconscious. Five-Year-Old Lexi Took Action

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Real-life heroes come in all shapes and sizes. According to CBC News, Little Lexi Shymanski, just 5 years old, is credited with saving the lives of her mother and baby brother after her mother fell asleep while driving and swerved off an embankment.

Mother Angela Shymanski was driving her son and daughter home to Prince George, British Columbia, from a vacation in Calgary when tragedy struck. As reported by Newser, The soothing sounds of a lullaby CD Angela was playing for her children caused the young mother to nod off into a light sleep, and she drove the family SUV off an embankment, crashing into a tree.

Angela was knocked unconscious, and 5-year-old Lexi awoke to the cries of her 10-week-old baby brother, Peter. Strapped into her car seat and unable to wake her mother, Lexi undid the seat’s five-point harness, which she had only done twice before, according to The Prince George Citizen. Free from the seat, Lexi got out of the car and climbed up the embankment in her bare feet.

“Upon reaching the road, Lexi flagged down passing motorists for help.”

Upon reaching the road, Lexi flagged down passing motorists for help. The first people to stop were a father and mother traveling with their son. The dad went down to get Peter, and the next motorist to stop, a man later identified to be a paramedic, stayed with Angela until she regained consciousness.

Emergency responders to the scene used ropes to navigate the difficult terrain that Lexi had climbed by herself. Ambulances rushed the family to Seton-Jasper Healthcare Centre, and from there, Angela, Lexi and Peter were flown to the University of Alberta Hospital in Edmonton for emergency treatment.

Angela suffered extensive internal injuries, broken ribs, and fractures in her neck and back, and Peter experienced significant bleeding in his brain, although he appears to have made a full recovery. Lexi injured her neck and back and still has nightmares about the ordeal.

When asked how she was able to act so heroically, Lexi said, “I thought, ‘What would Mommy say if she was awake … Mommy would say go get help.'”

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