This Is Taking “Something Borrowed” To A Whole New Level

Posted by GreaterGoodness

Many brides spend hours, days and even months searching for the right wedding dress. But when Lucia Sessions’ perfect dress didn’t arrive for her wedding day, the Kirkwall Hotel in Orkney, Scotland rescued her in a unique way.

Lucia Sessions arrived at the Kirkwall Hotel about 24 hours prior to her wedding ceremony, but unfortunately, her suitcase containing her cream cocktail wedding dress, wedding shoes, and all of her other wedding accessories was lost on her way to the hotel. According to the Daily Mail, when staff members at the hotel learned of the mishap, they sprang into action by posting a Facebook request.

The request outlined the bride’s situation and asked if anyone could loan her a wedding dress, shoes or any other accessories. According to the Daily Rover, the Facebook post also included Lucia’s height, dress size, and shoe size. Within minutes, the people of the small Scottish island of Orkney responded, offering Lucia dresses, shoes, flowers, makeup, and nail polish. One woman offered her own bridal bouquet for Lucia to carry, while another offered nail polish and jewelry.

It only took Lucia a little over two hours to collect everything she needed to create a beautiful wedding outfit. Of the 12 dresses offered, she chose a simple silk satin bridal gown loaned to her by a former bridal shop owner. A string of white pearls and a plaid to match her husband’s kilt completed the outfit.

After the ceremony, the happy couple used Facebook to post a wedding video and thank the people of Orkney for their generosity and kindness. Of course, the Kirkwall Hotel also posted several photos of the happy couple on its Facebook page, notes Mashable.

With the help of an entire community, Lucia Sessions and her husband enjoyed a beautiful wedding day. It’s amazing what can happen when a community comes together!

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