Tom Christ Didn’t Think Twice About How He Would Spend His $4o Million Lottery Winnings…

Posted by GreaterGoodness

We often dream about how we would spend a lottery jackpot. Some may yearn for a yacht and a summer home while others outline how they would save or invest the funds. Tom Christ didn’t think twice about how he would spend his $40 million winning ticket. His heart told him from the start that it would go to charity.

When 64-year old Christ, retired CEO of EECOL Electric, received the call that he had won the Western Canada Lottery jackpot, he was stunned. However, according to, the lucky winner kept the news to himself for over six months. In fact, he didn’t even interrupt his golf game when he got the call, or report the news to his children.

Christ said he knew that his winnings would go to cancer charities in memory of his late wife Jan, who lost her battle with lung cancer in February 2012. Christ kept his promise and delivered the first of many donations to the Alberta Cancer Foundation in the amount of $1.4 million. His wife Jan had been treated at Calgary’s Tom Baker Cancer Centre, and Christ wanted the money to further cancer research in hopes of finding a cure.

The Canadian Cancer Society reports that 78,000 deaths from cancer will occur in 2015, with 196,900 new cases expected to arise the same year.

Christ said he lived a comfortable life and did not need the money more than those battling with cancer did. Many often lose sight of what is important when faced with cash winnings, but Christ didn’t. You, too, can further his generous gesture by donating your time or money to the Breast Cancer Site to help researchers bring awareness about the crippling disease that has taken the lives of so many of our friends and family throughout the years.

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