These 5 Lottery Winners Payed It Forward

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Winning the lottery is a dream come true for a select few jackpot ticket owners. Instant fortunes are the stuff of dreams, and many winners choose to spend their jackpot winnings on lavish luxuries. Several lottery winners end up paying it forward and sharing their good fortune with others, giving large amounts of cash to individuals and organizations who become secondary winners, reports Mental Floss.

Lottery winners who are generous with their money are often moved to give back by a personal experience. Some winners are moved by personal stories of people experiencing a sudden misfortune, and others have a favorite charitable cause they wish to help and donate a sizable sum. Whatever the reason, it’s fascinating to learn who received lottery money gifts.

Burger, Fries and a $10,000 Tip

Bob Erb, a $25 million lottery winner, stopped by a restaurant during a road trip and ordered a burger and fries. As he was waiting for his meal, he and the restaurant owner, Cliff Luther, struck up a conversation, which led to Erb finding out that Luther’s daughter was recently diagnosed with cancer. Erb was immediately sympathetic because he had lost a son to disease a few years back, and he understood how devastating this news was to Luther. On his return trip, Erb stopped by the restaurant to hand Luther a check for $10,000, which overwhelmed Luther so much that Erb had to briefly man the grill while he recovered.

Generous Dad Gives Money to Honor His Wife

Tom Crist had done alright for himself, and he didn’t really need the $40 million he won in the lottery. As soon as he won, he decided to give every dollar to helping others in need. Crist, who lost his wife of 33 years to cancer, set up a charitable trust fund to disperse money to charities in his late wife’s honor. His grown children are helping him pick charities to receive donations, reports CNN.

He Chose Sewage Over a Camaro

Mark Hill could have bought anything he wanted after striking it rich in the Missouri Powerball lottery. After he and his wife, Cindy, won a record-setting $136.5 million, he considered purchasing a Camaro sports car. However, what he and his wife ended up doing was purchasing land for a sewage treatment plant for their local community, according to Reuters. The Hills also planned to provide money for a new ball field and fire station. They were already giving back to their local community, and they continued using their fortune to make their community a better place to live.

Waitress Keeps Job And Vows to Help Charities

Rhonda Meath loves being a waitress and has no plans to stop waiting tables at the Lake Elmo Inn, in spite of her hitting the $11.7 million Hot Lotto Jackpot, reports the Huffington Post. Rhonda and her husband, Joseph, like their laid-back lifestyle just the way it is and have donated a portion of their winnings to charitable causes, including the St. Paul Police K-9 Foundation.

Church Uses Lottery Donation for Good Causes

Some lottery winners determine quickly that winning a bunch of money is no substitute for personal happiness. A churchgoer (who wishes to remain anonymous) plopped a $3 million winning lottery ticket into the donation plate at True North Community Church. In turn, the church has donated this money to various charities.

Lottery winners who choose to give back all or a portion of their winnings to others are demonstrating how good it feels to pay it forward. These winners thrive on using their good fortune to give others a helping hand. Visit GreaterGoodness to read more about how people are helping others.

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