Walking Away Stress: How A Walk At Lunchtime May Make You Happier

Posted by GreaterGoodness

If you have a stressful job, the solution to that frazzled, tense feeling that accompanies each work day may be a simple one: taking a walk during your lunch hour. Here are some great reasons why you should leave your cubicle for a bit at noon and get moving.

Get Past the Afternoon Slump

If you find your enthusiasm and attention sagging as you enter the afternoon of your work day, you’re not alone. Taking even a brief walk during lunch can pick up your spirits and boost your energy.

Change Your Mood

Studies done in Australia show that taking a walk at lunchtime lifts workers’ moods. A quick walk can turn a bad day into a good one.

Calm Your Nerves

Taking a lunchtime walk does more than give you a bit of exercise. It also decreases the walker’s feelings of nervousness and lets him return to work more relaxed.

Walk However You Want to Feel Great

There’s no need to put on your running shoes or push yourself to achieve a certain time or distance during a lunchtime walk. Walks of any intensity or duration provide benefits.

Feel Better for Months

Studies on the long-lasting effects of lunchtime walking show that people who have participated in a lunchtime walking program report feeling better about themselves and their jobs many months later. Work performance also remains higher over that period.

Boost Your Productivity

When you’re more relaxed and enthusiastic about your work, you’re likely to be far more productive. Taking a walk at lunch boosts the good feelings that encourage you to get more high-quality work done once you’re back on the job.

Socialize With Friends

If you take your lunchtime walk with friends, you get the added benefit of socialization. Letting yourself relax in the company of others can improve your mood even more.

Increase Your Fitness

Taking a walk at lunch also increases your overall aerobic fitness, even if the walk isn’t strenuous. Those participating in studies of lunchtime walking also showed improvement in other standard measures of good health.

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