Getting Crafty: Knitting Rescues Man From Homelessness

Posted by GreaterGoodness

When Gregory Patrick learned to knit to save money on a sweater, he didn’t suspect the skill would one day rescue him from homelessness. In 2010, Patrick worked in a restaurant, and a disagreement with the owner led to his resignation. He believed another job would be easy to obtain. However, this was the beginning of a downward spiral. Unable to find another job, Patrick eventually spent all of his savings and lost his home, according to Yahoo.


Patrick spent months living in the woods until a friend who knew Patrick’s skills at knitting suggested he might be able to make some money that way. Patrick’s family worked together to provide him access to a computer and the Internet while Patrick knitted a bear. Once the bear appeared on Etsy, it sold within half an hour. For the first time in a while, Patrick had some money for groceries.

Over the next two years, Patrick lived on the streets, knitting bears, selling them and running his own blog about the experience, according to Bay News 9. The blog, Mad Man Knitting, documented his struggle to regain his financial stability and earn enough money to rent an apartment and move off of the streets.


It took two years of selling his knitted bears to reach that goal. Patrick has since published five books, and two of them are memoirs of his time on the streets. He continues to knit four to five bears a week. Patrick takes pride in the fact that he was able to earn the money to get back on his feet with his own two hands. It’s time to go show the world that each and every person has value, no matter what their hardship.

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