To Calm an Agitated Passenger, This Mom Just Held His Hand

Posted by GreaterGoodness

A mother’s touch was all it took to calm an unstable and aggressive man on Vancouver’s SkyTrain, according to witnesses who filmed the incident. The man, who stood well over six feet tall, had been acting disruptive and scaring other passengers when the 70-year-old woman silently sat next to him and held his hand. According to Ehab Taha, who saw the whole incident from his seat on the train, the man began spouting obscenities and physically intimidating people in his car. Other passengers were starting to get frightened. Then an elderly mother reached out for his hand without speaking. The man, whose name is not known, took the woman’s hand and immediately calmed down.

The pair remained like this, with the woman sitting quietly and the man sitting on the floor next to her, hands locked, until the man stepped off the train without further incident. After he calmed down, witnesses say he had tears in his eyes.

Taha recorded the extraordinary scene with his cellphone, which is how the incident became public. Taha got a chance to talk with the older woman after the man left the train and she said simply, “I’m a mother and he needed someone to touch.”

Taha’s post of the incident went viral and struck a nerve among members of the general public. Instead of cringing and trying not to notice the distressed man, who may have been mentally or emotionally troubled, or on some unknown drugs or medication, the concerned mom stepped up and shared her gift of common human concern to save the day. Police were not summoned, and the man seemed to be under control after the ride was over. Sometimes the smallest things can make a world of difference for one person.

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