Don’t Think You’re Musical? Your Brain Thinks Otherwise!

Posted by GreaterGoodness

Here’s a challenge for you: get an entire theatre of strangers to sing an improvised tune, not only in unison, but on key. Impossible? Quite the contrary — just ask American vocalist Bobby McFerrin. Through a completely improvised performance, Bobby reveals how our brains are wired to instinctively connect notes in a series.

What makes this experiment so interesting? No matter where he performs it, the result is the same — the audience follows along seamlessly. The key to making this work: using the science of the pentatonic scale. Derived from the Greek words ‘pente’ and ‘tonic’, meaning ‘five’ and ‘tone’ respectively, pentatonic is just as the word suggests — a scale of five notes within a single octave.

Watch Bobby’s performance in this video and see if you can follow along with the audience — your brain might just prove you’re a little more musical than you thought!

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